With diverse skills and a Shared Purpose, our leaders believe in Danaher, encourage professional growth on all levels and lead by example.

Jordan Sheik


Senior Project Manager, Kavo Kerr

Joined Danaher in 2010

Why Danaher?

Jordan was working as a project engineer at an electrical design-build firm in 2009. Although he enjoyed the manufacturing sector, he quickly realized the small, private company wasn't a long-term fit. He decided he wanted to work for a large, stable, public company with a strong track record and he found it at Danaher.

The Danaher culture was the first thing that wowed me. Everyone at Danaher works hard, is given responsibility, takes ownership, and is held accountable. There isn't any 'unimportant' work. That appealed to me.

Vincent Tuzzi

Vincent Tuzi

Senior Vice President Global Sales, Leica Microsystems

Joined Danaher in 2003

Why Danaher?

When he learned who Danaher was and how Danaher works it resonated deeply.  Vincent was enthusiastic about a role with a Danaher operating company.  He liked that it was a profitable company, with a healthy business model and opportunity for growth.

All the success you build for your team becomes your own success. I'm totally convinced that the career growth and success I've enjoyed has come from being passionate about helping the people around me grow.

Kennedy Victor


Country Manager, KaVo Kerr

Joined Danaher in 2007

Why Danaher?

Kennedy joined a Danaher operating company because he believed he could make a meaningful contribution and grow himself professionally. Danaher has provided him with multiple opportunities to learn and explore new possibilities, building his leadership capabilities along the way. He brings his passion for coaching and developing others to every new role, always looking for ways to infuse DBS into the organizational culture.

It's wonderful to work for a company that encourages you to explore new ideas. Danaher isn't strict or rigid. It doesn't demand perfection. It's OK to fall down, as long as you get back up and learn from the experience. It's about continually improving yourself.

Lynn Wong


HR Director, Asia Pacific, Esko

Joined Danaher in 2011

Why Danaher?

Lynn joined a Danaher operating company as a Senior HR Manager of Danaher's Environmental and Applied Solutions segment. It was the strong culture and focus on people that attracted her to Danaher. Over the next five years in that role, Lynn helped grow the organization from 10 to approximately 30 associates in Southeast Asia.

To advance my career, I had to learn to let go of my achievements, and push myself out of my comfort zone. It takes a lot of courage. Taking on a new role means having to prove yourself all over again. But once you've mastered a job, seize the opportunity and push yourself to take on a new role. It's the only way to grow.